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Misc. Friend

A mysterious character who is pushing experimental Hip Hop! Misc. Friend has consistently been putting out incredible tracks and growing over the past few years. What stands out in the production is its dynamic quality along with the use of many different textured sounds. With influence of ambient and trap, Misc. Friend creates tracks with unique structures. Packed with subtle details along with in your face bass and drums. Misc.'s style continues to intrigue me with dynamic song structure! I would recommend starting with Misc. Friend's last album - The End of Me. A project that challenges the listener yet is quite cohesive and well executed! Even though Misc. Friend has been releasing a large amount of tracks, he also has another project titled Misc. Enemy which takes a darker turn. Both projects are worth listening to and really shows you the versatility of Misc.. Based out of British Columbia, Canada.


The End of Me

Misc. Friend Soundcloud